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Maine's premiere KOA Campground and RV Park

Maine's premiere KOA Campground and RV ParkMaine's premiere KOA Campground and RV Park

COVID-19 Updated 04/02/2020


COVID-19 Update


Hi folks, 

Pam and I are thinking of you constantly and praying you, your family and your friends are all healthy. We are “camp family” strong. We appreciate everyone doing their part in slowing the spread of this coronavirus. Living through this is terrifying and we just want it to go away. Unfortunately, that means we must wait a while before we can be together. What is important is we all stay healthy and get back to camping sooner than later. 

As you know, our governor has implemented a “stay at home” mandate to protect public health and safety ENFORCED UNTIL MAY 1ST - UNLESS EXTENDED.

Here are the highlights:

· If you are living in Maine, have a home in Maine or in another state, you are instructed to stay at home

· Travel restrictions, prohibiting unnecessary travel: If you travel with your home (trailer or RV), you may get to your destination, even here, and abide by a 14-day quarantine. 

· Commercial establishments such as stores and offices, no more than three people in the store at any one time. Scaled to the square footage of the establishment. 

· Physical distancing of six feet or more unless you are in the same household. 

· You may engage in outdoor exercise / activity with social distancing

· No restaurant or bar with indoor seating may operate unless through take-out only 

· This mandate will be "enforced" UNTIL APRIL 30th. 

Saving lives will depend on us. The governor may amend, rescind or renew this timeline. We will act and instruct accordingly.

At Naples KOA:

I can assure you that we are committed to providing a home to all of our seasonal guests that live here for six months and to be ready to open when we get the green light. We will follow the rules mandated by the state and the CDC. Nothing is more important than the safety of our staff and our guests. 

To that end, we will: 

· Open when allowed with restrictions / protocol provided by the CDC: 

Our official opening date is May 1st. It always has been. We have always opened the gates two weeks prior to our seasonal guests and spring special guests to allow them to get set up and get a jump on camping. This was a free stay - as a Thank You. Plus, we have always had had a free clean up weekend the weekend prior to the 1st so the campground is looking good for opening. Unfortunately, there is no camping until May 1st, unless extended by the governor. There is NO CLEANUP WEEKEND as it is still deemed unsafe to have 50 or more folks on-site, even with distancing. As stated in the mandate, you must stay at home until May 1st. Until further notice or changes with this mandate, we will be open for camping May 1st. No one should be on-site until then. 

· Clean up weekend - April 25th - is cancelled. Our crew have cleaned 85%  of all sites and working on the rest so we are ready for you when you arrive May 1st. If only the wind would give us a break and cooperate! 

 There are rumblings that the governor's office is looking at ways to re-open the state. We are in hopes that campgrounds are looked upon as a conduit to opening the economy safely and responsibly.    

Thank you to everyone who have been supportive and have put your faith in Pam and me. As I mentioned at the beginning, we are camp family and we are strong. We will get through this - together. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

If we seem over the top, please know you are all important to us and we would like nothing better than to have all of our friends and family stay healthy and not be affected by this virus. It is nothing to fool around and take chances with.

Please stay well, stay safe.

Warmest regards, 

Pam and Con